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About the author

Mr. Michael Anthony Tyler was born in the city of Richmond, Virginia, on the twelfth of March in the year, 1950 (he was only nine months old). Mr. Tyler was reared in an environment full of racial, sexual, religious, and geopolitical fear and hatred. Black people were afraid of and hated white people, white people feared and hated black people, men didn’t understand and took advantage of women and women fought men to be equal, protestants didn’t like Jews and vice versa; and to top it all off everyone was afraid that the USSR (Russia) was going to blow up the world (and if not them, the United States would do the deed). Thus, life was tense and everyone was angry and trying to escape via God, the movies, vacationing, or drugs and/or alcohol. The cheapest escape was the church. Mr. Tyler took the cheapest route when he was baptized in the Cedar Street Memorial Baptist Church at the young age of twelve. By the age of fifteen he lost faith in the church and moved on. At the age of eighteen, Mr. Tyler graduated from Armstrong High School in June of 1968 and continued his education at the University of Science, Music, and Culture (USMC, campus of Vietnam). While there, he mastered the fine art of killing. In 1972, Mr. Tyler attended Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU, campus of Richmond, VA) where he graduated with a baccalaureate degree in 1975. That same year, Mr. Tyler furthered his post-secondary education by attending the University of Science and Agriculture (USA, campus of Europa) where he furthered his studies in the art of killing. Mr. Tyler acquired his master of arts degree in 2003 from the University of the District of Columbia (UDC, campus of Washington, DC). Mr. Tyler, a handsome young, mature, and intelligent gentleman of some years, is presently employed as an academician with the Prince George’s County Public School System of Maryland, USA. Catharsis is Mr. Tyler’s attempt at capturing some of his thoughts and experiences during the early years of his life.

other projects

Go 2 Politics is a project started in 2013 where my team made up of young folks and some retired geezers who wanted to create something that changes America's view of our political systems. 

Michael Tyler uses the a telepresence robot to attend a book signing for Mitch Albom in the Lansing Michigan area.

Votetocracy The Dawn of Cyber Congress is the story of new technology mixing with politics in an unprecedented way.

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